Impianto Eolico

Thanks to its extensive experience in every aspect of renewable energy, Renvico both plans and constructs its own wind farms.
The basis of its operations lies in the conviction that it is the team who makes the difference and, thanks to the expertise of its highly-qualified team, the company is able to ensure that its wind farms always perform satisfactorily by bringing value to every project and monitoring the civil, electrical and mechanical engineering.
From a civil engineering point of view, Renvico deals with issues relating to feasibility and rainwater management, one of the largest problems faced by wind farms, particularly those built in areas with complex wind conditions. In addition, the company constantly monitors any work carried out involving the construction of hardstands, access roads and power lines.
As regards electrical and/or mechanical engineering, Renvico's technicians personally deal with the cable lines, arrange how they are laid, and how connections and terminals must be created.
Using its on-site staff, Renvico supervises the construction of the hardstands, roads and cable lines as well as organising an acceptance and test phase to ensure that the works have been carried out correctly.