O & M


One of Renvico's main goals is to streamline wind farm management in terms of both technology and the environment.
Our team monitors our wind farms in real time using a dedicated IT system. In this way they can ensure a uniform response to any issues that arise in relation to the wind farm or electrical grid.
The performances of our wind farms are constantly monitored via custom-designed procedures and tools in order to assess how well each turbine is running, pre-empt any anomalies, and optimise maintenance activities.
We continuously develop tools for monitoring and analysing our wind farms. As such, we have created a KPI (Key Performance Indicators) system for the portfolio as a whole, for each farm and for each turbine. This tool has then been incorporated into our management review system.
Issues are managed in person by qualified local companies, while Renvico's technicians coordinate the response on site and personally manage relations with local governments and bodies.
Renvico prides itself on its experience of identifying, contracting and managing the most suitable suppliers for the needs of each project, and on performing various specialist roles autonomously: constantly inspecting the wind turbines and major plant, carrying out checks at the end of the construction and the guarantee periods, analysing partial discharge, and supervising and managing civil engineering works.