Over the many years it has operated in the field of renewable energy, Renvico has analysed over 250 wind farms in Italy, France, Romania and Greece.
The company performs analyses of each site's potential and selects those areas that are the most suited to housing wind farms, as well as obtaining the necessary permits from the authorities.
It maintains close contact with local stakeholders (local government, landowners, residents, etc.) in areas where projects have been proposed, in order to make them acceptable to everyone and a positive means of local development.

Renvico gathers and analyses wind data using meteorological masts, remote sensing equipment, Geographic Information Systems and fluid dynamics simulations, all with the aim of identifying which part of a given site has the best potential wind capacity. To date, the wind characteristics at various altitudes have been mapped and studied in over 400 locations in Europe.
Sites undergo an in-depth assessment process to identify their orographic, meteorological, environmental and safety characteristics, with the aim of reducing risks to a minimum, mitigating the impact of the facilities, and optimising turbine maintenance activities.
It is vital to choose exactly the right location for each of the turbines and to select the most suitable model for the site (nacelle height and rotor diameter, rated power, class) in order to get the best possible yield from the site.
Renvico constantly monitors the market in order to keep up with technological trends, as well as the solutions adopted by its turbine suppliers and major operators in the market.